Case Study – Consulting Labour Services

Case Study – Consulting Labour Services

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Client Profile

Leading 3PA Labor Service Provider in the UK and extending its services to other parts of Europe

Key Highlights

  • Industry - Third Party Labor Service Provider
  • Project Duration - Two Months

Scope of work

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Deployment
  • Risk Management
  • Partnerships
  • Stakeholder Management

Service Offering

  • Development of a Deployment Tool Kit that will assist in the execution of operations with relative ease and efficiency

Challenges / Requirements

  • Develop a Deployment Tool Kit that will assist in the deployment of the Company and their Client’s operations with relative ease
  • Reduce manual and redundant intervention to a minimum and enable Company’s Partners to effectively deploy the business operations
  • Develop standard templates / documents that can be used as a reference / guide
  • Develop Addendums to highlight differences between locations (Countries) based on local laws and operational requirements

Our Solutions & offerings

Conducted interviews across various process participant s to understand all aspect s of project execution

Defined workflows and guidelines for each stage phase of execution pre-deployment stage deployment phase post deployment support

Roles and responsibility allocation for all team members wit h emphasis on external stakeholder involvement

Highlighted points of information capture t hat are required by client as well as t he partners that they are engaging with

Developed supporting guidelines and formats in addition to workflows

Defining key metrics to monitor and assess project progress

Refined the necessary team structure to meet the requirements of all current and potential engagements


  • Outline the stakeholder expectations for successful deployment
  • Build a strong Project Management Mechanism which will enable effective project tracking
  • Provide standard templates for information capture
  • Provide an outline for the step-by-step deployment of the project