Outsourcing and Data Security

Outsourcing & Your Data Security

With cyberattacks on the increase, all businesses need to safeguard their IT systems. Financial Planners aren’t exempt from this. In fact, due to the strict legal obligations around the nature of handling client-sensitive data the...
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Efficiency Boost Your Profits

How Efficiency Can Boost Your Profits

At Valenta, our Managing Partners are business owners with a range of backgrounds and industries, but we all understand that having a streamlined business, no matter what industry you are in, is key to ensuring...
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AI & RPA Bots in Accounting and Finance

AI and RPA Bots in Finance and Accounting

In today’s business world, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) has revolutionized the way accounting and finance departments operate. AI and RPA bots are helping these departments automate processes, streamline...
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Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimisation: How Financial Planners Can Stay Competitive

Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of most economies. In fact, 97.5% of businesses here in Australia are small businesses (less than 20 staff), according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). To stay...
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When Should a Financial Planner Hire a Virtual Assistant

When Should a Financial Planner Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The answer to the question of when should a financial planner hire a virtual assistant comes down to two main reasons. First, a virtual assistant for financial planners should be brought on when an Advisor...
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Why Should a Financial Planner Hire A Virtual Assistant

Why Should a Financial Planner Hire a Virtual Assistant

There are many reasons why a Financial Planner would want to hire a virtual assistant. In our experience with Financial Advisor clients the two biggest reasons that they employ virtual assistant financial services is a)...
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What Can a Virtual Assistant Do For a Financial Planner

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do For a Financial Planner

Just like many businesses and professionals, Financial Planners can benefit from virtual assistant services. We have placed many paraplanners and virtual assistants with our Financial Planner clients. When it comes to a virtual assistant for...
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Ways Banking and Financial Institutions can leverage Staff Augmentation

Ways Banking and Financial Institutions Can Leverage Staff Augmentation

The financials services industry includes massive numbers of depository institutions, financing companies, investment product providers, and insurance companies. They vary in size and include some of the world’s largest global companies that have tens of...
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How can Banking and Financial Institutions

How Can Banking and Financial Institutions Benefit from Process Consulting

Banking and Financial Institutions are no different from other companies in that they can benefit greatly from Process Consulting. Most businesses are a series of functions and workflows, and this is very much the case...
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