Ways Real Estate & Property Companies Can Leverage Staff Augmentation

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Ways Real Estate & Property Companies can leverage Staff Augmentation

Real Estate companies can leverage virtual staff in many useful ways. Real Estate staff augmentation is increasing every year. Outsourcing in the real estate space used to only be the domain of large companies. Increasingly, SMB real estate and property management companies are leveraging staff augmentation. In this article we will cover the challenges for the real estate segment, real estate staff augmentation, real estate staff augmentation roles, and the benefits of a real estate virtual assistant.

Specific Challenges to Real Estate and Property Management Companies

Our clients in the real estate and property management space confide in us as to what is challenging them. Keeping and finding tenants along with tenant communications and relationship management frequently tops the list.  Property management and maintenance is also often mentioned. Property management can be particularly laborious and demand a lot of time and attention. Payment issues and collections are also a challenge and directly impact cashflow, making it critical. The number one issue however that we repeatedly hear is finding skilled staff and retaining those employees. Staff augmentation for real estate can help with this. Bringing on board a virtual assistant for real estate can also make a difference. At Valenta, when we provide a real estate virtual assistant, they are often filling any number of back office clerical roles and assisting with collections, leasing, property management and maintenance.

Additional Challenges to Real Estate and Property Management Companies

The above are not the only challenges we hear from our clients in the real estate space. Many want to implement software tools for better decision making and leverage BI (business intelligence) and AI. Many want to improve their profitability and drive cost reduction. Real Estate firms are wanting to automate their back offices for efficiencies with digital transformation, but many do not have the staff to do so. Creating and maintaining a digital presence also is highlighted with increasing regularity. Frequently digital marketing skills are absent in real estate and property management firms. Our clients in this space often cite the challenges of being a midsized company or small business and needing to compete against large corporations and REITS. At Valenta, in addition to virtual assistants for real estate, we also provide accountants, bookkeepers, IT staff, software administrators, automation specialists, and digital marketers.

Real Estate Staff Augmentation

Large enterprises have been utilizing outsourcing and staff augmentation for a couple of decades at least. Many of the clients we work with are midsized companies, small businesses or family businesses in the real estate space who are just beginning to look at staff augmentation. In addition to going offshore we find many real estate companies will contract with expensive local property management companies. These fees dramatically cut into margin and profitability. SMB real estate concerns can have access to onshore, nearshore, and offshore options with Valenta. We combine local managing partners as account managers with near shore and offshore talent to fill staff augmentation roles.

Real Estate Staff Augmentation Roles

As mentioned earlier we are often providing a real estate virtual assistant that is trained and placed in a role that supports important back office functions. A virtual assistant for real estate companies can be charged with the following functions in a firm. Leasing Agent, Leasing Assistant, Property Management Assistant, Collections Coordinator, and Property Investment Assistant. In addition to these support staff roles, we have filled numerous Accountant, and Bookkeeper roles. IT Support staff, Software Administrators for CRM & ERP, plus Automation Developers are also in demand. Finally, we have provided fractional Digital Marketing services to implement and maintain a digital presence. All of these roles help drive profitability and cost reduction. Not to mention getting needed hard to find skills in the door and filling gaps that might not otherwise be filled if not for staff augmentation for real estate.

Benefits of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A real estate virtual assistant can provide many benefits to a real estate and property management company besides simply filling roles that might go unfilled and doing so at a lower cost. Having a virtual assistant for real estate companies can keep owners and executives focused on what is most important. That might be dealing with banks for existing properties or investing in new ones. Local staff will have more time available to interact with tenants and business partners in person if back office tasks are offloaded. A real estate virtual assistant can be a big asset in finding and keeping tenants plus the communication with them. The bottom line when it comes to staff augmentation for real estate is to do locally what must be done …and do remote all that can be done.

Why Valenta

Valenta has experience supporting clients in the real estate space. These businesses have many of the same needs as our accounting, financial planning, and legal services clients. We address all real estate company staff augmentation with a team of professionals. Our engagements include a local managing partner in the same city, state, or province, plus regional service heads responsible for all virtual staff supporting a region. All our remote resources include a management layer for staff.  Our clients deal with the staff manager directly. Our team leaders are managing a team of individuals in the same role for other clients. Staff available during local working hours is an option.

About Valenta

We help our clients address challenges with growth, process, profits, execution, innovation, strategy, AI and automation, staffing, and digital marketing. We are able to address all of these common pain points and areas for improvement with our core services of Process Consulting, Digital Transformation, Staff Augmentation and Learning Platforms. We are 100% SMB focused and we provide all the same services the large staff augmentation and consulting firms provide to the Fortune 1000. Our local managing partners are located in the USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. Please feel free to find your Local Managing Partner here.


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