When Should a Business Outsource a Data Analyst or Scientist

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When Should a Business Outsource Data Analyst

Having access to insightful but economical business intelligence and analytics is critical in todays’ digital economy.  Increasingly businesses need to anticipate problems and opportunities and act and react rapidly. When a company’s competitors leverage business intelligence and data analysis an organization that does not is at a supreme disadvantage.

The answer to the question of when should a business outsource a data analyst or scientist has a two part answer.  First, they should leverage data analytics when they want to be competitive and identify trends and threats early.  Secondly, they should look to outsource data analysts when they would not be able to get this skill into their business on their own.

In this article we will highlight the role of data scientists and analysts, reasons for outsourcing data analysts, and the benefits of outsourcing data analysts. 

What Can a Data Analyst and Scientist Do?

The popular job post site Monster.com defines the role of a data scientist or analyst as follows.

  • Develops and manages information to support corporate decision making.
  • Manages and improves existing reporting systems.
  • Performs complex analyses.
  • Conducts and facilitates (and educates and trains on) analyses, issues identification, organizational risk assessment, and decision-making processes.
  • Provides consulting and analytic services to leadership.
  • Provides technical support and mentoring and training to less-senior analysts.
  • Develops methodology and processes for prioritization and scheduling of projects.
  • Analyzes problems and determines root causes.
  • Defines company data assets to populate data models.
  • Works closely with all business units and engineering teams to develop strategy for long term data platform architecture.

We agree with the role of data scientist and analyst as it appears on Monster.com but think more emphasis should be placed on providing actionable data and dashboards that can help drive a business.

Reasons for Outsourcing Data Analysts and Scientists

Data Analysts are in high demand. The skill set is newer and the demand for the role is outstripping supply. Salaries for talented data analysts and scientists can be high and outside the budget of small businesses and mid-sized companies. It is this scarcity and expense that make up the two biggest reasons for outsourcing data analysts. If a company wants to make better and more informed decisions, they should look into data analysts staff augmentation.  If a business wants to grow rapidly in a profitable and healthy manner data scientists and analysts can also prove valuable. One of the final reasons for outsourcing data analysts we hear commonly is being able to focus on the core business. That focus comes in two parts. First, doing data analysis well is hard. Most businesses do not have this skill or the time to learn it. Outsourcing this lets the work of business intelligence be done by those who are expert in it. Secondly, having actionable data lets an organization put efforts, resources, and time where it is most needed, … it helps them focus.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Analysts with Valenta

The benefits of outsourcing data analysts and scientists can be seen in the reasons for engaging them in the first place that are mentioned above. Making better decisions, acting on business intelligence, being able to focus on everything else in the business, and being able to focus on what is most important, are all key benefits. Outsourced data analyst services get needed skills into a business and people who have the right IT and software degrees plus experience with relevant vendors like Power BI, Zoho Analytics, and Tableau. The outsource data analyst and outsource data scientist service we offer can be provided as individual virtual employees or as a team providing a managed service. Our clients like the options of having their own dedicated person or simply purchasing a service for aggregation, modeling, and dashboards.

Contact Us To Learn More

How to outsource data analyst services is as easy as reaching out to Valenta to see if they might be a good fit for your business. We can determine if a service or dedicated staff would serve your companies needs best. We can examine current analytics, determine what are the minimum requirements for your business, and then design a comprehensive step by step approach from there. We will build continuous improvement into our plans so that any analytics service is continuously optimizing. Please reach out to one of our local Managing Partners to have a conversation about how to outsource data analysts or to discuss managed services. All our initial conversations are free of charge. We are here to help.

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