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As technology continues to play a vital role in the business world, the role of an Applications Architect becomes increasingly crucial. These experts are responsible for designing, analyzing, and improving software projects, ensuring that each step of the development process runs smoothly. From product design to testing and modifications, Applications Architects have a hand in it all. Their technical proficiency, coordination skills, and ability to work with teams make them an indispensable asset to any software development project.

At Valenta, our Applications Architects offer a wide range of services to support organizations in their software development journey. From technical support and training to creating technical documents and overseeing the design process for application software, our experts have got you covered. They design major aspects of the application’s architecture, including components such as the user interface, middleware, and infrastructure, and provide technical guidance to the development team. Additionally, they perform design and code reviews, collaborate with other professionals to determine the requirements for new software, and use tools and methodologies to create representations of functions and user interfaces.

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This is why our Applications Architect staffing services aim to deliver business value to our clients by reducing the cost of acquiring these valuable skills in-house. Our flexible engagement models allow for quick ramp-up and easy scaling as required.

We have a standardized process in place to ensure quality and efficiency, and our staff are trained on the latest technologies and tools. Our services also include the creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each client and real-time visibility on work progress, using common off-the-shelf platforms to share work and project status.

At Valenta, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the support they need to achieve their business goals. Our team of highly qualified and skilled Applications Architects is here to assist with all software development needs, whether it be full-time or part-time support. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your software development to the next level. Our local Australian partners are available to discuss our Application Architect staff augmentation services. Contact us today to learn more about our Applications Architect staffing solutions and how we can help your business succeed.

Why Choose Valenta?


Local Presence

Valenta has a strong presence in Australia with experienced Managing Partners who understand the local market and the unique needs of businesses in the region. Our Managing Partners provide a personal touch that many other outsourcing and staff augmentation providers lack, and remain a valuable resource for clients throughout the engagement.


Flexible Engagements

Valenta offers flexible engagement options to all of our Australian customers, with no lock-in contracts and the ability to ramp up or scale down quickly as needed. Our onboarding fee and monthly billing structure makes staff augmentation simple and hassle-free.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

At Valenta, we believe in providing dedicated resources to our clients, rather than an anonymous pool of workers. Our clients work with a single dedicated Valenta employee who becomes familiar with their processes and interacts with them like any other in-house employee.


Staff Augmentation Team

When you work with Valenta, you get a whole team of experienced professionals, not just a single resource. In addition to our local Managing Partners, every employee is managed by a Valenta Team Leader and supported by other team members in similar roles. This structure ensures efficient and effective support for our clients.

Train, global labour pool

Global Labor Pool

Finding the right staff for roles in Australia can be a challenge, but with Valenta’s staff augmentation services, businesses can tap into a global labor pool to access the best talent at a competitive cost. Our network includes experienced professionals in countries such as India, the Philippines, and Malaysia, the Caribbean, with plans to expand into eastern Europe and Northern Africa.

forecasting, process and Transperancy

Process and Transparency

At Valenta, we follow a tried and tested process for delivering high-quality staff augmentation services, known as the Valenta Way. This transparent approach ensures consistency and quality in everything we do.

operations, comprehensive services, INCREMENTAL STRATEGY

Comprehensive Services

Valenta can provide staff augmentation support for businesses across a wide range of functions and industries, including Accounting, Finance, IT, Operations, HR, Sales, Marketing, and Support. Whether you need to fill traditional roles or support new information economy positions, Valenta has the staff and expertise to meet your needs.

Compliance and Security, INTEGRATOR

Compliance and Security

Valenta is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, and takes compliance and security seriously. Our service centers are equipped with both physical and non-physical controls to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our clients’ data.

At Valenta, our Applications Architects can assist organizations with the following:

Oversee the Design Process for Application Software – From product design to testing and modifications, Applications Architects are involved in every step of the application software development process. 

technical Support

Provide Technical Support and Training – Applications Architects provide solutions in areas of disaster recovery, data integrity and security.


Create Technical Documents – It is typically up to Applications Architects to produce documents relating to application architecture, design steps, integration processes and testing procedures relating to each product developed.

branding your business

Designing major aspects of the architecture of an application, including components such as user interface, middleware and infrastructure.


Providing technical leadership to the application development team.


Performing design and code reviews.

Collaborating with other professionals to determine functional and non-functional requirements for new software or applications.

user interface and user experience

Using tools and methodologies to create representations for functions and user interface of desired product.


Developing high-level product specifications with attention to system integration and feasibility.

How we add value?

Our Applications Architect staffing services deliver business value to our clients by the reducing cost of operations, helping them attain world class cost structures, and implement effective controls. We have standardized their process with a high degree of automation.

We have a comprehensive and integrated Applications Architect service capability. We augment our capability by continuously investing in building Applications Architect expertise through: 

  • Continuous investment in Automation and AI Technologies
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures for each of our clients
  • Provide clients with a Real Time Visibility Platform
  • A Dedicated RPA Academy, which focuses on increasing domain expertise

Valenta Pricing Packages:

Applications Architect

1-2 years of Experience

From $ 2,500 per month

3-4 years of Experience

From $ 4,000 per month

5+ years of Experience

From $ 5,500 per month

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